Derryloran Parish Church
Parish Registers Online 

Your download should start automatically in a few seconds... If it doesn't, please to start it manually.

While you're downloading, please don't just stare at the progress bar ticking along; have a look around the rest of the website for details about the life of our Parish, consider who we are and how we can all contribute to the work the Church is doing. Maybe even take a moment for contemplative prayer over the transience of our brief time in this wonderful creation.

It never ceases to amaze me how grateful people have been for us making the Parish Registers available for download. If their presence on a Church site encourages even one soul to think seriously in a way they hadn't before about their own life and what will happen after they're gone it will have been an even more worthwhile endeavour!

...Or of course have a look for further Parish Registers etc that you might be interested in! God bless!

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