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San Juan - Concepcion

Rather randomly in the years since 2005 when I went to Paraguay to work on the San Juan project quite a few times I’ve "driven" hundreds, possibly even thousands of miles along roads in Paraguay (on Google Maps) looking for the San Juan Project, and tonight for the first time I think I’ve finally found it!

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I’m pretty confident, I’ve even had my photos out to work out the North/South direction from the shadows thrown, tried to verify the surrounding buildings from photos, but probably most convincing of all is the location of the doors on the north side of the conference hall from the tracks in the dirt between the accommodation blocks and the bottom building. The two things that throw me off are that I can’t see the little building to the east of the church – but it’s likely covered by the trees, and the fact that if I’m right then the location of the path accessing the site has changed to come in via the family’s house instead of coming round the back of the Church as it had done. The Canon's not convinced so I'd love for a confirmation from anyone that knows if this is actually the right place, mail if you can!