Derryloran Parish Church Choir - StarZone
Contact: Laura Thom 07716292491

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Exciting news in Derryloran at the moment...our musical director Laura McIvor has formed a new Junior Choir who have chosen to call themselves StarZone!! This choir has been practising hard for recent concerts in church and are looking forward to many more performances in the future.

Laura has been working hard with children who play other instruments in the hope that they will perform alongside our singers shortly. Currently we have guitarists and tin whistlers but we would welcome further musicians to join. They are also holding a sponsored walk on Sunday 30th April at 10 am meeting at the church.

We appreciate all monetary donations as well as offers of help for the event. Contributions can be passed on to any current member of the group, member of select vestry, clergy or directly to the musical director.

Finally, if you have or know a child who is of primary school age and would love to be a part of StarZone either as a singer or instrumentalist then get in touch with Laura on 07716292491.